3E n.v. (3E)

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Established in 1999, 3E is an independent technology and consultancy company. 3E provides solutions as well as guidance to improve renewable energy system performance, to optimise energy consumption and facilitate grid and power market interaction. 3E pursues innovation to provide leading energy intelligence and practical solutions to our customers. 3E has worked on projects in more than 30 countries and operates with an international team of around 80 experts from its headquarters in Brussels and offices in Toulouse, Beijing, Istanbul, Cape Town and London. 3E is certified ISO 9001:2008 since early 2010.

Role in the Project and Relevant Expertise:

Contribution to WP1: 3E will contribute with a study on the state-of-the-art of proactive maintenance of photovoltaic plants, with user scenario requirements providing input and use cases of the MANTIS project based on customer feedback and internal experience gained through building and developing the SynaptiQ Photovoltaics monitoring platform, and by providing its architecture and technology knowledge used in the SynaptiQ platform keeping it in line with the constantly evolving technologies.

Contribution to WP2: 3E will contribute by providing its experience and knowledge in monitoring platform providing input in big data Database, Service oriented architecture, Infrastructure architecture but also provide operational input and guidelines which can influence architecture decision due to their consequences on maintenance and platform evolution / migration capabilities. 3E has developed strong knowledge in ETL and interoperability strategies and will contribute by providing architectural and design to ensure input data and service interoperability. The SynaptiQ team is using agile methodology with acceptance criteria to validate user stories implementation, its QA team has acquired strong knowledge in ensuring correct implementation and objective validation of features in the scope of continuous deployment, which is valuable for the use case definition (T1.2) but also in use case validation in order to ensure coherence in the project and correct implementation of features.

Contribution to WP3: 3E will contribute to the physical modelling of various measured data in photovoltaic plants. Two main types of models will be worked upon. The first type of model reflects the system characteristics as expected before production started, building upon state-of-theart theoretic models. The second type of model is a sort of update of the first (theoretic) model type, with its parameters corrected during operation to reflect the real characteristics of the PV system. In T3.4, 3E will contribute to the automated validation of irradiance, temperature and electrical data sensors. For example, the orientation, inclination, time synchronisation and calibration of irradiance sensors could be validated by use of nonlinear regression techniques. The models developed in T3.1 are a useful reference for this validation.

Contribution to WP4: 3E will particularly contribute to the development of functions for root cause failure analysis in the field of electricity production and, in particular, electricity production by photovoltaic plants. In this field 3E will also contribute to the development of methods for alerting and prediction of asset failures in view of maintenance optimisation for these plants. 3E’s team for software developments has a track record of 5 years in the development of monitoring software including functions for alerting and maintenance support. 3E’s R&D team has been exploring and successfully applying mainly regression methods for data analysis from photovoltaic plants for more than three years. These methods have gradually been implemented in our production environment. Consequently, 3E’s contribution to this work package will start from a high level and will always be linked to the practical applicability of the solutions explored. In order to come at a real pro-active maintenance, 3E will contribute by developing methodologies to optimise both selection and scheduling of maintenance activities, ensuring early detection and mitigation of degradation issues and component failures, while simultaneously reducing required maintenance efforts.

Contribution to WP5: 3E will contribute with mock-up, interface modelling and requirement specification experience of the SynaptiQ team, and by providing an upfront analysis of regular tasks and user journeys for each stakeholders, in order to provide useful information on how, when and what to present to each user, minimizing time spent, complexity, thus improving efficiency. Last but not least, efficient interface goes though reactivity and quick response time, intelligent backend analysis in order to support the frontend interface. 3E will therefore provide its experience on all these topics in order to contribute to this work package.

Contribution to WP7: 3E is in charge of demonstrating solutions for asset management in energy production. In particular, 3E will implement them for the use case of photovoltaic plants. 3E can dispose over monitoring data from 1800 commercial-scale photovoltaic plants, of which 3E will identify a sub-selection serving as a portfolio for the demonstration. First, 3E will analyse the historical data from these plants based on the analysis and decision making functionalities developed for this use case in WP4. Subsequently, the analysis and decision making functions, as well as the HMI interface options developed in the MANTIS framework WP 4 and 5, respectively, will be tested and applied to the real-time monitoring data feed from the photovoltaic plant portfolio.

Contribution to WP8: 3E will contribute to the dissemination of lessons learnt: Proposals for better system design / configuration / monitoring practices in order to reduce production losses as a result of degradation will be disseminated at relevant conferences, workshops and/or seminars.

Contribution to WP9: 3E has experienced staff for scientific and organisational project management with a strong track record in project management and will ensure professional contribution to the management tasks from their side