Work Packages

MANTIS project implementation is arranged in 9 work packages

Mantis Work package structure
Mantis Work package structure

The global strategy of the MANTIS work plan can be synthesised with the following main activities:

  • Research and Innovation activities will be addressed in WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6 to generate the project results. The service platform architecture definition, industrial scenarios and use-cases requirements analysis (WP1) will provide the main inputs to the MANTIS service platform architecture development (WP2) and, jointly, functional and technical requirements for the smart sensing and data acquisition technologies (WP3), analysis and decision making functionalities (WP4), HMI design (WP5) and business impact and models (WP6) to be developed.
  • Industrial partners of the consortium will carry out validation activities in realistic environments (WP7) in order to verify MANTIS results against operational requirements.
  • Dissemination and Exploitation activities (WP8) for proper sharing of the information, concepts and techniques by the actors, and expose outside of the project its results and statements. Moreover, these activities will identify and quantify exploitation opportunities and related stakeholders characteristics and approaching methods in order to steer and guide project partners to correctly and consistently exploit project outcomes.
  • Management activities (WP9) will be focused on the coordination of the Project actors in order to guarantee that the project fulfils the committed quality, time and costs engagements.
echnical work packages in MANTIS.
Technical work packages in MANTIS.