ADIRA – Metal Forming Solutions S.A. (ADIRA)

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ADIRA designs, develops, manufactures and installs state-of-the-art machine tools for more than 55 years, being a leading manufacturer and global supplier of sheet metal working machinery, specialised in the production of laser cutting machines, hydraulic press brakes, shears, robotised bending cells and automatic sheet metal transforming systems. ADIRA also supply complete solutions for the sheet metal processing industry, including materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass, etc. Presently ADIRA exports to more than 50 countries worldwide, having more than 75% of its turnover coming from outside its homeland. ADIRA has the biggest market share in Portugal. The key for ADIRA success in the market is its great flexibility in producing customised products and its bet in offering innovative and high quality products.

ADIRA is known for:

  • Permanent investment in scientific research and technological development to supply at all times the best solutions to customers
  • Cooperation with Universities and renowned Research Labs
  • Quality, precision and reliability of solutions
  • Maximum performance products
  • Readiness and effectiveness of the after-sales service.

The commitment of ADIRA to innovation and continuous improvement is a permanent challenge of all its departments, products and activities. Also safety, ergonomics, efficiency and design are permanently on the requirements list for all new machines. ADIRA Engineering Department is closely linked to Universities and Development Institutes (University of Porto, MIT, INEGI, INESC Porto and others) in a network of knowledge transfer, taking advantage of the most advanced developments.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

ADIRA has an experience of many years in designing, manufacturing, using and servicing machine tools. As a user but mainly as a manufacturer, maintenance plays an important role in machine tools business. ADIRA has, therefore, a strong and experienced service and engineering teams working together to provide state of the art solutions in what relates to maintenance. The knowledge of the machines produced and their possible behaviour is of major importance in the definition of the models for the predictive maintenance and for defining the traditional maintenance approaches. The knowledge acquired as a maintenance services provider will help in designing the tools to be developed. ADIRA has participated in several R&D projects. These projects have originated state of the art products in all ranges of ADIRA portfolio. The partnership with INESC Porto is very present and has been important to the development of new production and maintenance solutions. Within the PRODUTECH (Production Technologies Competitive Pole of Portugal) initiative ADIRA participates in several RTD activities, including the field of intelligent production systems and predictive maintenance.

Role in the project:

ADIRA will have an important role in the project requirements analysis and specification, within Task 1.2. Will follow closely the project developments within WP 3, 4 and 5. Will implement the changes and interfaces necessary to integrate the MANTIS tools with ADIRA’s selected equipment. Will participate also in the activities related with Business impact within WP6. In WP7 ADIRA will participate in the implementation and validation of MANTIS in its equipment. ADIRA will participate also in the project dissemination and exploitation activities.