AITIA International Inc. (AITIA)

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The precedessor of AITIA International Inc was established in 1995 and was reorganized into its current format on January 1st, 2005 to comply with the needs of the speedily varying market environment with a more modern and dynamic corporate structure. Its proprietors are Hungarian private individuals. The telecommunications division of AITIA focuses on research and development of network monitoring and analysis as well as value added network solutions – using self-developed, programmable hardware. AITIA is also involved in applied developments in agent systems (multi-agent systems, simulation and modeling), speech technology (speech recognition and speech synthesis systems), and content-management related applications.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

Over the years AITIA has been involved in 20+ successful research consortia both at the national and European levels. In addition to our cca 50 full-time employees we occupy thirty undergraduates and Ph.D. students via tenders and university cooperation. Our research executives have joint affiliations with academic institutions. AITIA holds several technology and businessrelated awards. In 2007 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranked AITIA as the 9th fastest growing CentralEuropean company; in 2008 AITIA was ranked 1st in the national listing. Our knowledge on data capture from distributed sources and central fault and performance analysis comes from the telecoms domain. The methods, algorithms, standards and best practices used in that domain can be applied when creating the reference architecture for MANTIS.

Role in the project:

Our group focuses on the central platform, especially on Root Cause Analysis and decision making algorithms, their implementation, and tailoring to MANTIS use cases. AITIA participates in planning and design of the reference architecture as well as the creation of interoperabilty guidelines. The main contribution of our group is related to the development of a data-driven Root Cause Analysis engine – including solutions for wear-out and trend analysis issues, as well as prediction of asset failures and alerting. The results will be validated through integration of the chosen use-cases. AITIA will participate in dissemination and exploitation activities as well.