Public Deliverables

D9.1 Project presentation pdf (4 MB)

Description: This Deliverable shows the main objectives, structure, impact, benefits and challenges of the MANTIS project.

Date: 27/07/2015

D8.1 Website, communication material, collaborative platforms pdf (1 MB)

Description: Communication material package containing the logo, a visual identity, communication templates (word, ppt), website (public and private area), flyer (1 version and 1 update), roll-up banner, poster (1 version and 1 update), a standard presentation with key messages and one page project description for use by all.

Date: 09/11/2015

D1.2 Consolidated State-of-the-Art of Sensor-based Proactive Maintenance pdf (250 kB)

Description: This report provides a detailed state-of-the-art description of technologies related to proactive maintenance with special focus on technologies related to sensor information usage, with a consolidated understanding of the technology involved.

Appendix 1: Current ways to integrate different information sources
Appendix 2: Existing platform architectures and overall designs
Appendix 3: Interoperability and properties of existing systems
Appendix 4: New sensor technologies
Appendix 5: Power solutions for sensors
Appendix 6: Security approach to prevent unauthorized access to sensors via test bus
Appendix 7: Wireless communication
Appendix 8: Algorithms for anomaly detection, failure prognosis and remaining useful life
Appendix 9: Algorithms used to optimize maintenance strategies
Appendix 10: Algorithms used to predict, identify, estimate and alert of failures before they occur
Appendix 11: Data unification and semantic reasoning for integration of data from heterogeneous sources
Appendix 12: Existing practices to optimize maintenance decisions in different levels
Appendix 13: Fault detection and identification in PV systems
Appendix 14: High-performance stream-based processing
Appendix 15: Modelling techniques for high-frequency time-series data
Appendix 16: Existing devices and interface types related to HMI
Appendix 17: Existing scenarios of maintenance related Human Machine Interaction (HMI)
Appendix 18:Integrated into Appendix 16 and 17 as a consolidation result.
Appendix 19: Different stake holders and value chains involved in PMM
Appendix 20: Evaluation of the current business models of each value chain
Appendix 21: Existing business models related to Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance (PMM)
Appendix 22: Some Potentially Valuable Standards
Appendix 23: Terminology

Date: 01/05/2016

D8.3 Communication and Dissemination Report pdf (2 MB)

Description: This report contains which actions defined in D8.2 have been completed, and an updated list of the Dissemination Plan.

Date: 01/11/2016

D5.6 Report on the HMI evaluation pdf (2MB)

Description: This report describes the results of the usability tests performed over the HMIs designed for the use cases.

Date: 03/07/2018

D8.4 Production of 3 videos pdf (737 KB)

Description: Promotional videos for use in dissemination activities

Videos available in the MANTIS Youtube Channel!

Date: 03/07/2018

D2.9 Reference architecture and design specification final version pdf (6 MB)

Description: This report will present strategies for how individual industries can evolve in the area of proactive maintenance using the reference architecture of MANTIS.

Date: 01/03/2018

D2.10 Interface, protocol and functional interoperability guidance and specification final version pdf (8 MB)

Description: The report will contain the consolidated specifications for developing interoperable services at interface, protocol and functional levels, supporting consistent, safe and secure behaviours of such services.

Date: 01/03/2018

D8.8 Final Communication and Dissemination Report.

Description: This report will include all the communication and dissemination activities that have been accomplished during the whole project duration.

Date: 01/05/2018