Goizper S. Coop (GOIZPER)

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GOIZPER is a Company of 160 employees, which was founded in 1959 has 2 very different established business lines (Industrial and Sprayer divisions) in which they are leaders and a world reference with respect to both innovation and product. The Industrial Division is specialized in engineering, designing, manufacturing and supplying power transmission components for metal forming machine tools like: clutches, brakes, cams and intermittent rotary units for different types of applications. Goizper is the first manufacturer of press brakes and clutches at a Spanish level and is on the top 3 worldwide. The turnover of the Industrial Division in 2013 was of 13 million Euros, of which 75% is due to the sales of brakes and clutches. Actually the exports, to the major industrialized countries (USA, Germany, Japan, Brazil, etc) represent the 70% of the turnover. Goizper has recently opened a delegation in China and Germany.

The strategy of the industrial division is focused on:

  • The development of new products and service, protecting the IPR to ensure a payback in a reasonable
    period of time.
  • The development of new strategies to optimise the production processes by:
    • Research on new materials and processes.
    • Development of more efficient and flexible new processes.
  • Improve the technological position in the market.

The main areas of development of the industrial division are:

  • Manufacturing mechanical pieces and assemblies.
  • Manufacturing pneumatic and hydraulic combined clutch and brakes.
  • Manufacturing electromagnetic brakes and small plates.
  • Manufacturing all type of indexers.
  • New flexible Manufacturing methodologies.
  • New service pack.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

The technologies used in the design, manufacturing and service of power transmission components where GOIZPER has deep knowledge are focused in:

  • Precision engineering
  • Friction behavior (friction coefficient and wear in different running conditions).
  • Clutch-brake behavior in different running conditions.
  • Hydraulic technology.
  • High precision machining technologies.
  • Computer simulation and applied.
  • Test bench and clutch-brake sensing.

A common characteristic of these businesses is the ability to integrate all these technologies applied for development power transmission devices. GOIZPER for the development of MANTIS project will use all this knowledge. The combined clutch-brake is a very critical part in metal forming machines, is the part to be safety the machine, braking in very short time (brake side) and transmit all motor torque for forming (clutch side). Due to is very important control the correct performance of the clutch-brake unit. Until now the control of the good performance is done mixing direct and indirect measurements like: application pressure, response time, oil temperature, vibrations, etc. But most critical parameter to be controlled is the wear of friction pack in the clutch side (dynamic part) and until now this value is calculated by indirect way. For improve the sensing feedback GOIZPER is going to develop a wireless sensing system (wear and temperature) and operational unit for get in real time the performance of the clutch and brake.

Role in the project:

The main work that will be performed by GOIZPER in MANTIS project will be to propose and drive a total current and real use case from the point of view of critical part in power transmission (clutch-brake) in metal forming installations. GOIZPER will provide knowledge in the design, manufacture and maintenance of clutch-brake for forming installations and maintenance management of these power transmission components. Mainly GOIZPER will be involved in the WP7 (Demonstration and validation in Press machine maintenance), where will be defined, will be implemented and will be validated a real use case, doing it firstly in the test bench at real scale. GOIZPER will provide knowledge in current systems or methods of maintenance management of clutch and brake components (main critical part in the mechanical press machines). Moreover also work in WP3 (Smart sensing and data acquisition technologies) and WP4 (Analysis and decision making functionalities)