Ilias Solutions n.v. (ILIAS)

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ILIAS Solutions is a Brussels based SME. ILIAS Solutions is a SW development company, specialised in information management solutions to support defence and humanitarian aid operations. Our software platforms are centred on the optimisation of operational readiness, and based upon the management of the resources required for those operations.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

ILIAS Solutions consists of an effective team of technical experts in the development, implementation and maintenance of software systems, with experience in managing complex and sensitive assets maintenance and logistics systems. Our team possesses a wide variety of skills ranging from business analysis, process improvement and project management to software development, testing, training, maintenance and help desk services.

Role in the project:

Our main contributions will fall under WP4+WP5, where we will provide development and analysis competences, however we will need to keep ourselves involved/informed on especially the WP1+WP2. We could also be involved in WP8 and take the findings to MRO and Defence Logistics conferences as Key note speakers