Innovative Technology and Science Limited (INNOTEC)

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Innovative Technology & Science Ltd (InnoTecUK) is a dynamic and progressive UK based, Robotics and Automation solution provider with expertise in the field of Non-destructive Testing, Automation, Sensors and Instrumentation. InnoTecUK is focused on delivering client-led solutions to maximise life-cycle production asset values. Innovation of novel mechatronic systems to overcome complex sensing, measurement, control, automation, and inspection challenges is our intellectual passion. Our clients are diverse, encompassing aerospace, chemical, food processing, maritime, renewable energy, power generation, nuclear and oil and gas sectors. Consistently delivering value and technical excellence under harsh operating conditions is the key to our success. Bespoke solutions, tailored to client requirements, supported by advanced platform technologies are the essence of this. P

Relevant Expertise for the project:

Innotec have participated in several FP6 and FP7 projects related to the development of robotic automation solutions and developed several different type of robots for different environments such as marine, nuclear, petro-chemical, power generation. We have designed and supplied robots to deploy non-destructive test solutions for wind turbines both land based and offshore turbines.

Role in the project:

Innotec will participate in a use case devoted to wind turbines and augment use case 3.3. For existing wind farms that may not have a rich environment of smart sensor equipped wind turbines Innotec will deploy smart sensors to that environment and connect into the Mantis ICT framework to allow data gathering and pre-processing and data acquisition. Thus, main contributions will be in WP7 and WP3. INNOTEC will also contribute to WP1, WP2, WP4 and WP8