Lapland University of Applied Sciences (LUAS)

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Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) is a higher education establishment which is a successor of two Universities of Applied Sciences: Kemi-Tornio UAS and Rovaniemi UAS. All activities of these two organisations were transferred to Lapland UAS from 1.1.2014. The turnover of Lapland UAS is about 43 million euros and the volume of research, development and innovation activities is about 10 million euros. The number of employees is app. 560 persons.The university is providing bachelor and master level degrees in four units. Numbers of students per field of expertise: Wellness services around 1900, Business and culture around 1300, Tourism services around 1 200, and Industry and natural resources around 2000 students. Lapland UAS has an important role as regional developer through education, research, development and innovation activities. The two predecessors of Lapland UAS have been audited and quality awarded by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC). At the beginning of the year 2014 Europe Business Assembly (EBA) has granted Best Regional Universities award for Lapland UAS

Relevant Expertise for the project:

The research focus of Lapland UAS is on industrial maintenance (preventive maintenance, from data to knowledge), vision systems, usability of materials, and information technology (embedded systems, wireless solutions for the industry). In addition to research, Lapland UAS also trains personnel in industries. Lapland UAS runs the ProcessIT.EU CoIE in cooperation with Lulea University of Technology. The R&D is conducted in cooperation with companies in Finland and abroad – especially in the North of Sweden. The cooperation is very close with the strong, modern process industry in the North of Finland – pulp&paper, stainless steel, and mining – as well as with automation and industrial service companies. Co-operation with SMEs especially in the North of Finland is strong.

Role in the project:

Lapland UAS is expected to provide knowledge and experience from industrial maintenance and specifically operation & maintenance related information management. Lapland UAS’ knowledge of embedded systems will provide support for wireless communications and software solutions. In addition Lapland UAS’ experience in mobile applications and user-interfaces will be beneficial to the project. Methods for human-machine interaction are also the Lapland UAS’ expertise and will support the project. Lapland UAS will contribute primarily in WP4 (Analysis and decision making functionalities) and WP5 (HMI design and development). In addition with contribution in WP1 (Service platform architecture requirement definition. Scenarios and use cases descriptions) and WP6 (Business impact and models). Lapland UAS will also support others in WP7 (Validation of MANTIS solutions in relevant scenarios). Lapland UAS will support mainly Finnish participants and especially Solteq Oy in their research and development work.