m2Xpert GmbH & Co KG (M2X)

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m2Xpert is a German startup company located in Bielefeld. m2Xpert develops software, system components and provides intelligent networking services. m2Xpert aims on providing safe solutions for networking machines between themselves and with different management infrastructures. For this purpose machines communicate with each other via communication modules. m2Xpert delivers safe multichannel communication systems (radio modems) together with specialized hardware suppliers. Intelligent embedded systems for controlling machine to machine communication and machine to infrastructure communication belong to the range of services. Software applications developed by m2Xpert are able to run distributed or locally. The applications aim on classic telemetry, service management, order management, control of intelligent sensor networks, fleet control and other content. A variety of sensor data from networked mobile and stationary machinery and equipment can be recorded, processed and analyzed by m2Xpert. One important goal is to avoid machine downtime to increase the efficiency of machinery use. Intelligent machine-, fleet-, and multi-vendor service solutions can be realized. One main task of m2Xpert is the development and implementation of user-centered, intuitive HMI design concepts. The client systems are applicable to different software architectures on various mobile devices, such as consumer devices (smartphones, tablets) or machine terminals. The aim of m2Xpert is to develop and establish open, cross-vendor networking standards. m2Xpert is currently working on cross-vendor standardisation of data exchange interfaces. The aim is to network different machines safely and consistently. Many machines form collective units. These machineunits are characterized by a comprehensive networking among themselves. In addition, the machines are networked with various distributed decentralized management systems. For this purpose m2xpert designs knowledge-based value-added services. These knowledge-based services lead to measurable performance improvements in machine collectives.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

m2Xpert is a startup company that started economic activity in 2014. Some employees of m2Xpert worked in the field of system-based services. They gained research experience in the following research projects: • INA – Integrated, multimedia-supported agricultural services in virtual structures, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, 2002-2006, grant number 01MD201. • marion – Mobile autonomous cooperative robots in complex value chains, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, 2010-2013, grant number 01MA10025A. • iGreen – the intelligent information technologies for the public-private knowledge management in the agricultural sector, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics of Education and Research, 2009-2013, grant number 01IA08005Q. • M2M Teledesk, sponsored by Ziel2.NRW, 2012 until 2014 • itsOWL-RUMORS – modeling and run-time support for hybrid value creation in semi-autonomous and mobile agricultural machines, 2012-2014, grant number 02PQ2070.

Role in the project:

m2xpert plan to participate in the following work packages: due to our experience we like to contribute to work package 1 “Service platform architecture requirement definition. Scenarios and use cases descriptions”, 2 ”Service platform architecture development” 4 ”Analysis and decision making functionalities” and work package 5 “HMI design and development”. Since we are very experienced in business model design we also want to participate in work package 6 “Business impact and models”. As SME we are especially forced to validate and demonstrate our results. Therefore our main work package will be work package 7 ”Validation of MANTIS solutions in relevant scenarios”. Our main work package lies in use-case 2.2 ”Offroad and special purpose vehicles. We also want to contribute to work package 8 ”Dissemination of knowledge and exploitation” and work package 9 ”Project Management”.