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Nome Oy is a company providing predictive maintenance services and products. Nome Oy services cover machine inspections, predictive maintenance development projects, training and monitoring systems. Nome Oy has developed state-of-the-art condition monitoring system suitable for wide scale of industrial machines. Monitoring system support wireless communication and internet based remote monitoring.


Relevant Expertise for the project:

Nome has long expertise on industrial condition monitoring. Nome has worked with different industries making tailored online condition monitoring systems and on field trouble shooting with different measuring methods. Working closely with real life cases has given Nome strong knowledge on actual measuring environments and relevant measuring data. Nome has made tailored monitoring systems for propulsion systems on vessels, turbines on hydro plants and wireless measuring systems which are used inside engines

Role in the project:

Nome will focus on developing high quality measurements using MEMS based sensor technology and using history/process data for making more accurate predictions together with measuring data acquired by Nome´s monitoring system.This will require developing interfaces between customer systems (process automation, ERP) and Nome monitoring systems. Nome will take part mostly work packages 3 and 4.