Sataservice Oy

Sataservice MANTIS

Sataservice (Group) Oy provides industrial maintenance services and projects for customers to reach high level of performance. The Group includes following companies, Sataservice Oy and Rauman Sähkökonehuolto Oy.

Both companies have perfect service portfolio and co-operation. Sataservice was founded in 2003. The headquarter is in Rauma, Finland. The company has been growing every year and for the moment we have approximately 350 employees. The turnover 2016 is around 35 M€. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified by Bureau Veritas.

The company have expertise of demanding environments which means that mainly our customers are in businesses that have demanding regulations and laws that have to be followed, for instance the food industry where we are involved with living animals and in the end of the process we handle ready made food. We are also involved in the medical business with its own regulations. We mainly have customers that have outsourced their maintenance, either production or facility maintenance or both. We do also lot of projects such as modernizations of old equipment that ensures that the lifecycle can be extended and the productivity is high for the customer.

We have expertise in mechanical, electrical, automation, HVAC and cranes. Rauman Sähkökonehuolto is specialized in electrical motors, pumps and gears and helps us to keep up the customers productivity, while we can manage ourselves most of all maintenance areas and can minimize unnecessary waiting time. At the moment most of our customers are in Finland but we are aiming to expand abroad when we find the right partners and customers.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

We have a really broad expertise in maintenance of production equipment, especially machining, packing machines, electrical motors, automation and so on. We have divided our business in different technologies and all of those have a dedicated leader for instance for cranes, HVAC and automation.

Role in the project:

We have a good possibility to provide environments to test use-cases. We want to develop ourselves our IoT and CBM strategy and clarify what we can and should offer our customers. The aim is that everyone, meaning our customers, ourselves and possibly third parties, sees it as a win-win situation. We also want to find good long term partners to execute the strategy.