Solteq Oy (SQ)

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Solteq is a leading Finnish provider of software solutions to the retail, logistics and service industries. We offer our clients long-term partnership and the widest selection of ERP, EAM and financial management software services in the market, ranging from supply chain optimisation to the management of consumercustomer. Our technology independent solutions help our clients produce increasingly better services and develop their business operations in a profitable and effective manner. We are the only Finnish company that solely focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for the service industries, retail and logistics. The Company turnover amounted to MEUR 38,1 in 2013.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

Solteq offers its clients ERP and EAM solutions. The enterprise resource planning / enterprise asset management solutions developed for the optimisation of service processes help our clients manage their operations, e.g. enhance production plant reliability, task and resources management, field work, sales and customer service, partner network management and materials management. Our ERP and EAM solutions are used daily by a large number of clients in e.g. the following industries and sectors:

  • Companies providing operational reliability services for industry and energy production
  • Maintenance and service companies
  • City/municipal planning departments
  • Property management companies
  • Home and care service providers
  • Life cycle service providers

Role in the project:

The special aim of Solteq is to develop extended service management solutions to support customer companies´ operational activities, processes and utilisation of various data sources in decision making and analysis, and the adaptive fleet management solutions with shared architecture and information models. The main focus in Mantis program is to build up the data processing models for extended Internet of Things based service offering and to build up interoperable interfaces with emerging data streams and existing solutions (ERP, EAM, CMMS).

Key problems identified:

  • Cloud based computing, mobility and social networks challenges the current business models.
  • Internet of Things opens new data streams that cannot be exploited by traditional ICT systems.
  • Customers look for new service offering that supports better the global value networks in service business.

Problem solving roadmap and the main topics to be developed by Solteq are:

  • Development of models and methods for enterprise asset and service business management in the framework of IoT.
  • Develop model and methods for optimisation of customer specific maintenance service program in the framework of IoT to achieve required availability and safety with minimum costs.
  • Development of RAMS ( Realiability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety ) and EAM integration in the framework of IoT to achieve new information service based business models.

Desired outcomes by Solteq are:

  • Extended asset and service management software functionalities based on combined data is described, tested and validated.
  • Methods for information integration and utilisation of various data sources and data streams are developed and validated.