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STILL supplies customised internal logistics solutions and implements the intelligent management of material handling equipment, software and services worldwide. With over 7000 employees, four production facilities, 14 branches in Germany and 20 international subsidiaries as well as a global dealer network, STILL is a successful international player. Today and in the future, STILL fulfils the requirements of small, medium-sized and large companies with highest quality, reliability and innovative technology.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

Within STILL focuses on a comprehensive concept for intralogistics managing the exchange of information between trucks and all related systems. Our holistic approach aims at an efficient interplay of all components involved in intralogistics including manpower. Quality and fast service at STILL guarantee high availability. Our products are user-friendly and therefore time saving to operate. By analysing the flow of material and information of our customers, we want be able to offer solutions perfectly tailored to any individual demand. Innovative and intelligent ideas help us to meet the responsibility we have toward the environment.

Role in the project:

STILL will contribute significantly to the software development and modification. Working with the support of the other partners, STILL will act as an OEM in exploitation and integration activities within the use-case test. Still is responsible for the implementation of requirements regarding the information management systems from our fleet and our services.