Universal Foundation A/S (UNIV)

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For nearly a decade Universal Foundation A/S, formerly known as MBD, has been developing a special type of monopod foundation structure. After intensive scale experiments and innovative processes, a full scale bucket was successfully installed in Frederikshavn in 2002 with a Vestas V90-3.0 MW wind turbine. In 2009, a foundation for a met mast was installed in Horns Rev 2. The same year, Universal Foundation A/S entered the Carbon Trust competition; ‘The Bucket Foundation’ ended up in the final top 3 for the most innovative, cost-effective and robust foundation design among 100 participants.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

Universal Foundation has high expertise in maintanence of wind turbines and their foundation. The company possesses deep insight into market conditions as well as into how weather conditions affect the service and maintenance of wind turbines. Also, it has a long experience on logistics planning for off shore wind farms – both with respect to establishment and maintenance.

Role in the project:

Universal Foundation will mainly contribute to the use-case on off-shore energy production and in particular to the planning of maintenance including the logistics planning of maintenance. The company will from the start of the project deliver historical data from its costumer data base and later on real-time data