Wapice Ltd. (WAPICE)

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Wapice employs state-of-the-art technologies to build solutions that best suit our customer’s needs. As an independent operator, Wapice is free to choose our preferred technologies in each of our segments: Embedded Systems, Industrial Systems and Business Solutions. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and an AAA-rated company.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

As a software vendor Wapice has the expertise regarding the key technologies for the development of service platform for maintenance including data warehousing, remote monitoring and diagnosis. Through the wide customer contacts Wapice has good knowledge of the market need in many industrial and commercial service sectors.

Role in the project:

Wapice is developing a remote management platform that enables operational efficiency and business model innovation for industrial companies. The platform supports supervisory monitoring, control, automation and advanced reporting functionalities. By adapting industrial standards the platform allows efficient condition, maintenance and reliability management. Being big data enabled analyzing large amount of historical data is easier than ever. Utilizing the WRM Terminal unit, other 3rd party systems or communicating directly using OPC UA, REST or similar communication standard the internet of things is becoming reality and WRM positioned at the heart of it. By developing the analysis and decision making algorithms, big data analysis tools and data mining techniques it is possible to provide a really unique tool for condition monitoring purposes which is able to serve versatile business needs. By further developing the reporting tools and creating scalable, re-usable and cross-platform compatible interfaces to access data and analysis results, human to machine interaction can be optimised and user experience and service willingness improved. The main focus will be in WP4 and additionally contribution to WP7. In WP4 Wapice shall develop statistical tools required to post-process the gathered data. These include for example support for running statistical languages in server context and implementing suitable analysis and decision making algorithms for post-processing the data. Important task for Wapice is also development of reporting tools for providing analysis results in sensible and user-friendly format. This includes for example automatic report generation, user experience and report accessibility related tasks. In WP7 Wapice demonstrates the analysis and decision making tools implemented in WP4 together with other showcase partners.