Xlab d.o.o (XLAB)

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XLAB Research is recognized as one of the strongest computer science research teams outside the academic world in Slovenia. It employs 35 people including 9 with a PhD and the vast majority with MSc or BSc degrees. XLAB research also runs a program for young researchers, which currently includes 3 PhD students from various fields (economics, machine learning, computer science, etc.). XLAB as a whole employs 62 people and closely collaborates with 34 external experts, providing the whole company with access to more than 100 experts in the fields of computer science, electronics and mathematics as well as design and marketing.

Relevant Expertise for the project:

XLAB’s primary expertise is in the field of distributed systems, followed by business and visualisation software. However, XLAB’s internal organisation allows for coordinated and unobstructed innovation on all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and in accordance with the latest industry standards and protocols. The combination of the two is a key-factor for successful demonstration products, which are with minimal effort transferred into innovative products. We can thus augment our primary expertise with: Cloud computing, service-oriented architectures, security of distributed systems (cloud, multi-cloud and federated cloud in particular), SLAs (Security SLAs in particular) and HPC-related disruptive approaches. Given strong emphasis on distributed systems, we closely follow and research the IoT paradigm, especially in the area of SmartGrids and connected (BigData) analytics. Additionally we are working in the fields of computer vision and man-computer interaction (context-awareness, natural user interfaces, usability evaluation). The most relevant parts of XLAB’s expertise thus are distributed systems (Cloud, Grid, SOA technologies), which was developed and used within XLAB’s products ISLOnline, GAEA+, etc. Research in the distributed systems can be summarised with XLAB’s participation in flagship projects XtreemOS and Contrail, where in the latter security and integration were mostly XLAB’s responsibility. As for IoT, XLAB has produced an ICT system for the Toshiba owned company cyberGRID GmbH, managing their system from the sensory input to the UX. Finally, XLAB is currently an essential part of the eBADGE project and also a part of the FINESCE project.

Role in the project:

XLAB is actively researching in the field of cloud computing and IoT, therefore our main contributions are to WP1, WP2 and WP3.

  • WP1 – From our experience from other projects (XtreemOS, Contrail, SLA@SOI, MOSAIC) we have gained much experience about the architecture and use cases which we can bring in the project and extend them to fit the project set goals.
  • WP2 – With years of experience in development of cloud technologies we can significantly contribute to this WP. In the past projects we have developed plethora of solutions that can be easily adopted by this project. XLAB has experience from the field of Monitoring and Accounting of the resources. Our team is also strong in security solutions.
  • WP3 – We have been working on both – smart sensors to infrastructures connecting them into the cloud. XLAB also has the plethora of knowledge in networking (management of traffic, split networks, etc.). The knowhow we have in the field we can actively contribute to this WP.
  • WP4 – XLAB will provide help in management of Geographical Data (using the experience in GIS systems).
  • WP5 – Participation will be provided through expertise in HMI/HCI/UX fields and also through expertise in behavioural cloning, enabling self-learning of the system.
  • WP6 – XLAB will participate in business model definitions, using its SME-level business experience.
  • WP7 – XLAB will provide support in Cloud, Monitoring and HMI/UX fields. • WP8 – XLAB is involved as Exploitation partner